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Meteobridge can handle a broad range of weather stations from consumer entry level up to prosumer/professional stations from Davis Instruments, PeetBros or Rainwise.

Supported Weather Stations

supported weather stations
Weather station Description
Davis Vantage Pro2, Pro1 (except firmware A) Vantage Pro including wind, rain, pressure, UV, solar radiation, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature and 7 extra temp/hum sensors are fully supported. Additional "Soil" and "Leaf" sensors as well as pure temperature sensors are also supported. Meteoplug can handle RS232, USB and TCP/IP (WeatherLinkIP) variants of Vantage. Data internally logged in Vantage is checked by Meteoplug when Meteoplug starts operation. If there is historical data not available to Meteoplug so far, this logged data will be transferrred to Meteoplug before logging of live data starts. RS232 Vantage must have set baud rate to 19.200.
Davis Vantage Vue Vantage Vue including all available sensors is fully supported. Meteoplug can handle RS232, USB and TCP/IP (WeatherLinkIP) variants of Vantage. Data internally logged in Vantage is handled by Meteoplug as explained for Vantage Pro. RS232 Vantage must have set baud rate to 19.200.
Davis Envoy8x New Envoy8x receiving unit from Davis is supported. Connection to Meteoplug client is done via RS232 or USB data logger from Davis. Historical data stored in the receiving unit are not considered at the moment. Initial configuration of Envoy8x regarding connected weather stations has to be done upfront with the PC programs provided by Davis. Meteoplug client is not capable to do this.
Oregon WMR928 (EU), WMR968 (US) This model has a RS232 connector that needs a RS232-to-USB converter (based on CP2101, FTDI or PL2303 chipset). Serial protocol of this weather station is well understood and widely documented. As a result Meteoplug does support all of it's features. Disadvantage of the station not to have a data logger included is compensated by Meteoplug. Station is limited in terms of sensor variety. It can handle a maximum of 3 additional thermo/hygro sensors and is lacking support of an UV sensor.
Oregon WMR200 This model has a USB connector that can directly connected to the Meteoplug client. Internal Datalogger of WMR200 will not be used by Meteoplug. WMR200 has problems in reporting actual sensor readings, when data logger is completely filled. It is recommended to set the data logging interval to the maximum (longest duration). This takes care that the data logger will not reach its capacity for months. However, you should take care to empty the data logger's buffer from time to time manually at the WMR 200 base station. All sensors for WMR200 are supported, including additional thermo/hygro sensors as well as an UV sensor.
Oregon WMR100 This model has a USB connector that can directly connected to the Meteoplug client. Meteoplug supports all available sensors for WMR100, including additional thermo/hygro sensors as well as an UV sensor
Oregon WMRS200 This station is like a WMR100 with sensors from WMR200 but without any display. WMRS200 is powered from Meteoplug via USB connector. All sensors applicable to WMRS200 are supported by Meteoplug.
Oregon RMS300 This station gets directly connected by an USB cable and is just capable to report data from a maximum of 3 temp/hygro sensors. Out-door sensor is included in the package (THGN-132N) and mapped to channel 0 by Meteoplug. Sensors for wind, rain, UV, pressure are not supported. Additional temp/hygro sensors have to be of type THGR810. temp/hygro sensor included in the console is reported on channel 9.
Hideki TE923 TE923 weather station from Hideki is connected via USB and is sold with various brand names (Mebus, Irox, Honeywell, Nexus). TE923 had various hardware revisions over time. Meteoplug supports hardware versions 3, and 4. Very old version 1, that does not provide live weather data on the USB port, and version 2 are not supported.

Meteoplug just makes use of the live data of TE923, internal data logger functionality of TE923 is not used by Meteoplug.

Fine Offset Electronics WH1080, WH1081 WH1080 weather station from Fine Offset Electronics is also branded as Watson W-8681, WX-2008, National Geographic 265 NE, Elecsa 6975/ 6976, Ambient Weather WS-1080/WS-2080. Meteoplug just makes use of live data of the WH-1080, internal data logger functionality of the WH1080 is not used by Meteoplug. Weather forecast icon is not supported as well.
Peet Bros Ultimeter 100, 800, 2100 Ultimeter weather stations from Peet Bros are supported. Wind, rain, pressure, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity are used. Supported Peet Bros data protocols are "data logging", "packet", "complete record".
RainWise MkIII MkIII weather station from RainWise is supported including wind, rain, pressure, outdoor temperature and humidity. Meteoplug uses classical CRC communication type. Sensor thb0 reports pressure and outdoor temp/hum. Sensor th0 also reports outdoor temp/hum.
La Crosse WS2300 WS2300 weather station is supported. Data is received by a plug-in available under GPL. Source code can be at download from download section of "".
ELV WS300PC/444/500 and various clones (WS550/777/888) WS300 weather station and clones are supported and connected via USB.

Supported Data Acquisition Devices

supported data ackquisition devices
Device Description
RFXCOM 433MHz-Receiver for Oregon Scientific sensors (USB/LAN/WLAN) RFXCOM Receiver in 433MHz band can read all kinds of Oregon Scientific sensors and RFXmeter sensors, which can do monitoring of energy consumption. Receivers are available with USB connection (80002), LAN connection (81003), WLAN (82003)
RFXtrx433 USB 433MHz-Transceiver for a broad range of sensors RFXtrx433 USB is the follow-on product of older RFXCOM above and can handle a lot of RF sensors in 433MHz band. Supported sensors are the ones from Oregon Scientific, TFE and other companies. RFXtrx connects via USB to Meteoplug client.
ELV, Conrad Energy monitors EM1010PC and EM1000 Meteoplug can read data from these USB connected energy monitoring devices. Information provided is actual power demand and total energy consumption.
Current Cost Energy monitor Envi CC128 Meteoplug can read data from this USB connected energy monitoring device. Information provided is indoor temperature and actual power demand.