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This section provides a list of Meteobridge video tutorials, which might help to understand setup and configuration of the Meteobridge. They are in English only to keep effort in creating those at an affordable level while still optimizing reach.

Meteobridge NANO - #01 - Connect with WiFi

This tutorial explains how to integrate the Meteobridge NANO in your WiFi network.

Meteobridge NANO - #02 - How to insert a microSD Card into the NANO?

Inserting the microSD card between the two PCBs can be easily done with the help of a simple to build one-time paper tool. Please read details here or watch the video below.

Meteobridge NANO - #03 - new functions with microSD card

This video shows the most prominent additional functions the NANO gets by adding a microSD card. Operation of the two new tabs "History" and "Graphs" is explained and demoed.

Meteobridge NANO - #04 - Generating and Uploading

This video shows how data exports and chart generation can be put on a time schedule and how to automatically upload results to your web server via FTP.