Weather Cam Image Handling

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This page is intended to give some examples what Meteobridges weather image conversion with the Linux tool convert can offer. I selected this freely available image from Univerity of Arizona as an example to do some comversions with.

original image


adding weather data as overlay text

Pic2.jpg Overlay text:

-fill black -draw "fill-opacity 0.7 rectangle 0 520 720 540" -pointsize 12 -fill orange -draw "text 5 535 '[YYYY]-[MM]-[DD] [hh]:[mm]'" -fill white -draw "text 110 535 'Temp: [th0temp-act=F.1:--] °F    Humidity: [th0hum-act.0:--] %    Pressure: [thb0seapress-act=inhg.2:--] inHg    Wind Chill: [wind0chill-act=F.1:--]°F    Wind: [wind0avgwind-act=mph.1:--] mph    Rain: [rain0total-sumday=in.2:--] in'"